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Gospel Mysteries Website


This is a good website for anyone who is interested in exploring mysteries about various events described in the bible. Actually, most of the content is related to events mentioned in the gospels, with very little reference to the Old Testament. Altogether the author examines about thirty topics, including mysteries about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, the roles of Judas Iscariot, Mary Magdalene, and the released prisoner Barabbas, lost and missing gospels, the identity of the Beloved Disciple, holy stigmata, the Devil, the atonement, the possible locations of hell, Mary and the virgin birth, demonic possession, the discovery of true cross, the controversial teachings of Jesus, the possible lost ending of Mark, the location of Golgotha, and the Nazarenes.

The article about the devil describes the ancient story of how he was originally an angel in heaven but was thrown out after he led a rebellion against God. Other parts of the article discuss the methods he uses to tempt people, why God gives him the freedom to do evil things, and personal encounters with him. There is also an examination of his temptation of Jesus, the witch hunts, and satanism. I’ve always wondered whether the devil really exists, but the author doesn’t give a definitive answer. To read this article, go to Also on the page are some reproductions of paintings which depict Satan’s fall from heaven and the temptation of Jesus on the mountain.

This website also includes a glossary and an opportunity to download a free ebook that contains all of the articles.